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Re: Looking for good book

Posted by Mike on 7/20/08
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    On 7/16/08, GreyLady wrote:
    > Books are okay but only as very basic guidelines. The
    > problem with books is that the parrots have not read them.
    > They are all so much individuals, it's better to just have
    > her continue to work with your bird, making special efforts
    > to learn his body language, be able to spot an impending
    > and avoid it. There is no such thing as true "dicipline"
    > that will work with any parrot. The only way we can
    > deal with unacceptable behavior is to ignore it, showing the
    > bird that when that particular behavior happens, we will
    > our backs and totally ignore it for a few minutes. I work
    > a behaviorist and I can tell you for sure, that it's much
    > better to work with the individual bird that to try to make
    > it fit into the generalities of most books. However, I do
    > have a lot of respect for anything written by Mattie Sue
    > Athan and/or Dianalee Deter. If you can find anything by
    > them either about Macaws specifically or about working with
    > unwanted behaviors, it may be helpful. But it can never be
    > stressed too much just how important it is for each of us to
    > learn our own bird's body language and always, always,
    > approach the bird with confidence. The more hesitant she is
    > and the more nervousness she shows, the more likely she is
    > get bit until she learns the body language that indicates a
    > possible impending bite. Good luck. GL