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Re: Looking for Bird Contacts in Nashville

Posted by GreyLady on 7/21/08
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    I don't live anywhere near you so I have no personal
    knowledge to share, nor personal recommendations to give.
    However, I have found that when moving to a new area, local
    bird clubs can be a great source for all the information you
    need. I am sure there may be more than one but I have a link
    for you to at least one. Club members and/or very reputable
    breeders will know where to find the best deals and will know
    the best Avian vet in the area. You can also just
    google "avian vets, Nashville". That won't be like getting a
    personal recommendation but it may at least give you a list
    to get you started. Good luck. GL

    Tenn. Bird Club