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Re: NEED HELP/AlwaysPutridButNoHelp

Posted by Always Amazed by GL on 8/16/08
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    On 8/12/08, GreyLady wrote:
    > Hmmm, do you know where Dana lives?? Do you have any help for
    > her or just more of your drivel? You have posted your drivel so
    > where is your help?

    Chances are, Dana lives in the USA. Usually, those from foreign
    countries identify themselves as such.

    Buying a net to capture a macaw is not Rocket Science if you have
    two brain cells to rub together and one is not fighting for control
    of the other.

    Go to your local WalMart and in the sporting goods department you
    can purchase a large fishing net in the price range of $11 to $35.
    The more expensive net has a finer mesh and is made with a high-
    quality synthetic fabric that will NOT break or allow a bird to
    escape should you catch it.

    If you choose not to shop there, any sporting goods store will be
    able to accommodate you.

    Enough drivel for you GreyLady (and I use the term lady very