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Re: Looking for a macaw

Posted by Mz. McKaw on 8/21/08
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    On 8/18/08, arshia wrote:
    > Hi
    > I am looking for a baby macaw for my family. i have a 11
    > yr, 9yr and a 5 yr old. I want a bird that will be good
    > with my kids. I love the macaws and am inclined towards
    > the green wing and the red fronted and the blue gold could
    > you please help me decide and also find a breeder close to
    > Minnesota.

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I read this.

    A macaw would be the LAST bird I would recommend for a family
    with small children. Sure, you're going to hear of the rare
    family that has the "perfect macaw," but this is the
    exception and NOT the rule when it comes to macaws and

    Birds bite, whether it is in play or fear or anger. They do
    not discriminate from adult fingers or children fingers. And
    even though your children are practically perfect, there will
    be times when they step out of their perfect world and into
    reality. Fingers are the least of your worries when it comes
    to a macaw bite.

    Please reconsider your choice as this bird will either be re-
    homed or destined to life of confinement in a cage when you
    find that what I'm telling you is the absolute truth.