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Re: mini severa macaws (Sister&Brother-Can married?

Posted by GreyLady on 8/29/08
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    On 8/29/08, jay wrote:
    > common,,Im here to have advises,,,I just wanted to know why not?
    > I want someone with experiences explain to me why not?Thanks

    The answer should be obvious to you. It's inbreeding. Would you
    think it's okay to have children with your sister? But the
    answer is correct. If you know that little about bird breeding,
    you have a ton of work and research to do before attempting it.
    If you are one of the many who think there is nothing to it
    beyond putting two opposite sex birds together and hoping for the
    best, you have not even begun to learn what you need to know.
    And, beyond the inbreeding problem, if your birds are pets and if
    they are put together as breeders, you will not have them as pets
    any longer. It doesn't work that way. You need some good books
    to read and you need to find a local breeder willing to work with
    you that will give you information you are not going to find on a
    message board. Some of us do this kind of a thing (advising, not
    breeding) for a living and we are not going to do as deep into it
    as you need, on a message board, for free. One last comment. If
    you think it's something you can make money at, think again.
    Unless you want to become a bird mill owner, it's not done for