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Re: Anyone not want their Macaw feathers?

Posted by CheckEBay on 9/01/08
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    On 9/01/08, Tamarro Roderick wrote:
    > On 8/31/08, Check EBAY wrote:
    >> On 8/30/08, Tamarro wrote:
    >>> I use macaw feathers for my Native American reglia. Does
    >>> anyone not want their feathers? I would LOVE them. I make
    >>> fans.
    > Yes, I know about the ones on e bay. Native Regalia is the
    > outfits that Native Americans wear when they dance at pow
    > wows. All of the beadwork and feathers and such.

    Okay, if you say so. However, true Native Americans do not use
    nor do they want, anything in their dress to come from other than
    native american sources such as molted eagle, hawk, etc.
    feathers. Sounds like you are not making true Native American