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Re: Anyone not want their Macaw feathers?

Posted by Tamarro Roderick on 9/02/08
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    On 9/01/08, Ma Kettle wrote:
    > On 9/01/08, CheckEBay wrote:
    >> On 9/01/08, Tamarro Roderick wrote:
    >>> On 8/31/08, Check EBAY wrote:
    >>>> On 8/30/08, Tamarro wrote:
    >>>>> I use macaw feathers for my Native American reglia. Does
    >>>>> anyone not want their feathers? I would LOVE them. I make
    >>>>> fans.
    >>> Yes, I know about the ones on e bay. Native Regalia is the
    >>> outfits that Native Americans wear when they dance at pow
    >>> wows. All of the beadwork and feathers and such.
    >> Okay, if you say so. However, true Native Americans do not use
    >> nor do they want, anything in their dress to come from other
    > than
    >> native american sources such as molted eagle, hawk, etc.
    >> feathers. Sounds like you are not making true Native American
    >> items.
    > Very good point Ms Ebay. Apparently Tamarro wants something for
    > nothing. Well Tamatto, if you want feathers so bad then get a job
    > and bid on the feathers listed on ebay like most native indians
    > do. Or Tamarro, are you looking to get free feathers to list on
    > ebay yourself so YOU can sell them.

    I actually have been doing this for a long time and I have found
    people that were interested in getting rid of some of their feathers
    and I actually paid a nice price for them. She was happy and I'm
    happy. I'm a Southern Tradition dancer in Oregon and I am in the
    process of looking for some macaw feathers to make a fan with. I nor
    any other REAL Native people don't care where they get their
    feathers. YOu never buy Raptor feathers from anyone. That is imoral.
    These are macaw feathers that I am looking for and Native people buy
    those feathers. Just like on ebay. I was just looking for a
    different way to find feathers. Of course I would pay for them and I
    pay better than what you would get on ebay. I dance with my feathers
    and pray with my feathers. I know what they are for. I came on here
    for another outlet and You guys just want to tear a person down even
    before even talking to them . Getting to know them. That is pretty
    sad. Shame on you.