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Re: Anyone not want their Macaw feathers?Reply to rude folk

Posted by Hattie on 9/10/08
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    How bout instead of you ppl cutting someone down ,how bout you
    do a little research (Ever heard of google?). If you know nothing
    about the Native American tradition than you have no place to be
    so rude.A little research never hurt anyone. I happen to love the
    Native American Culture!
    Here is a little info for you that lack the knowledge or know how
    to use google and want to jump someone..Tamarro when my B&G goes
    through his molt I would love to mail you some!You can email me
    off list at

    Native American Indians use feathers for their traditional
    religious ceremonies and that contributes to the demand for parrot
    feathers which is one reason parrots are so cruelly smuggled.
    Feathers from all species are useful but Macaw feathers are
    especially desired by the American Indians. Dr. Reyman said that
    since this project has been giving feathers to the Native American
    Indians (free of charge) that the price for a center macaw feather
    has gone down from $75 to about $25. But the demand for these
    feathers is still there. They can even take feathers with broken
    shafts and cut feathers as shown on his website and all feathers
    over an inch in size can be put to good use. So please save them
    all, even cut wing feather feathers! They can also use turkey
    feathers, for those of you out there that know turkey hunters.
    The fans are used in the Native American Church Ceremonies (Peyote
    Ceremonies), in Gourd Dances, in Pow-wows dances, in devotions,
    and among many different tribal dances. The eagle signifies the
    power associated with the spirits. We use these for our protection
    in our endeavors, our journey through life, in our dances, and in
    our ceremonies. These fans are used as intermediaries between the
    spirit people and us, the human race. We believe these fans have
    healing powers, so we use them to bless people with. When a person
    dances with these fan, they think positive thoughts for those
    relatives that need help, and also to honor themselves and all
    relations. When a person sings with these fans, many positive
    thoughts are put into these fans to help people. So, these fans
    are used for many purposes; it is used for the purpose of
    protection, for the purpose of healing, for the purpose of
    accomplishment, and to carrying on our Native Ways. This is our
    belief, this is our culture, this is our values, this is our
    tradition, and this is our lifestyle! This is why, I ask that
    people have respect for those people that have shared this
    beautiful art with all of us!
    Here is a link to some fans such as this individual was talking
    here are somemore