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Re: Anyone not want their Macaw feathers?Reply to rude folk

Posted by Tamarro Roderick on 9/11/08
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    On 9/10/08, Hattie wrote:
    > On 9/10/08, Pa Kettle wrote:
    > AGAIN......... Apparently Tamarro wants something for
    > nothing. Well Tamatto, if you want feathers so bad then get a job
    > and bid on the feathers listed on ebay like most native indians
    > do. Or Tamarro, are you looking to get free feathers to list on
    > ebay yourself so YOU can sell them.
    > Honestly, you need to grow up.They are just feathers whoopdie do. I
    > will be glad to give her some of Tango's feathers once he molts.
    > Honestly, I would be more than thrilled to know that a part of my
    > gorgeous blue and gold macaw was made into something so fabulous.

    Thanks very much. Isn't it nice to know that we are people that don't
    try to talk smack and assume things about people without even knowing
    them or talking to them first? I think that is pretty adult of us
    wouldn't you think, Hattie? I would love to have some of your
    beautiful macaw feathers. I will make a beautiful fan to dance with. I
    would also be more than pleased to pay you whatever you think is fair
    for your feathers. How old is Tango? I think macaws are such a
    beautiful bird. We have a raptor center nearby and I love to check out
    the eagles, hawks, and owls. Very cool. I also wanted to say thanks
    for sticking up for me with those old geezers with too much time on
    their hands.