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Re: New Macaw

Posted by Jennifer on 9/04/08
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    On 9/04/08, S. wrote:
    > If his chest is bright orange, how about Julius? I have a
    > Catalina and a Harlequin and they are both awesome.
    > S.
    > On 8/31/08, Jennifer wrote:
    >> Hello all! I am new to this chatboard. I am picking up my
    >> new Catalina Macaw DNA'd male on Tuesday. Any suggestions
    >> for a name.

    It is so funny that you say that!!! Read my post Catalina or a
    scarlet. To me this bird looks like a scarlet. The only thing
    that throws me off is he has yellow tips on his kneck. He also
    has a faint orange color to his head but I am not sure what the
    heck he is lol!!! He sure is pretty. He is a really nippy guy.
    She was not real educated about bird. His cage is the size of a
    large cocktiel cage. Poor thing! He only had one toy and his
    feathers look horrible. The lady could not handle him because
    he bites so much. I got him home last night and I already have
    him stepping up and lots of stuff. The previouse owner named
    him bubba. I am not sure if I should change his name.