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Post: Is this bird a Scarlet or a Catalina

Posted by Jennifer on 9/04/08

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    I bought a macaw from a lady who knows nothing about birds.
    what I was told is that he is a Catalina Macaw who is
    almost 2 years old. I don't think this bird is a Catalina I
    think the bird is a scarlet. His name is Bubba. Here are
    some weird little markings he has. His head is red but on
    his neck he has little yellow tips on his feathers. The
    tips of his wings are red with yellow bands around his
    wings and are tiped with green then light blue and dark
    blue. I am not really sure if this bird is a catalina or a
    scarlet with different markings. Could it maybe be a Ruby
    macaw?? I will post some pictures later.

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