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Re: Macaw poop has changed

Posted by petparrots on 9/13/08
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    On 9/12/08, Maelene wrote:
    > I have a 14 yr old Catalina Macaw, She is very healthy and
    > active, but in the last two months her poop has changed. I
    > feed her Preey Bird Fruit flavord and people food. She
    > also get Bee Pollen. But the Poop smeels so strong that
    > you you want to puke. I have five othe birds and they
    > don't have that odor. Has any one ever had these
    > experience? I have been thinking maybe they have changed
    > the ingredeints of the food. any ideas would be helpfull,
    > Thanks Marlene

    If this was me I would remove fruit pellets for all my birds
    diets, go with natural and a healthy seed mix- Im thinking
    her system isnt liking the ingredients, and this does cause
    problems internally. Remember pellets are man made and
    parrots dont eat them in the wild- think of how their system
    is and set up for survival in the wild, they eat seed and
    natural stuff not man made crap.