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Re: mini severe macaw

Posted by GreyLady on 9/16/08
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    On 9/15/08, juan wrote:
    > when is time to mate my female severe mini macaw??after 1

    That depends on how long "after a year" you mean. Sexual
    maturity for them is 3-4 years. But just that you have to
    ask us that tells me that you are not at all researched yet
    on all that is involved in breeding birds. If you are under
    the impression that putting two birds together and hoping for
    the best is all you need to know or do, your birds are in
    danger. If your bird is only coming up on one year old, you
    have plenty of time to do the necessary research, learn to
    hand feed little ones, learn proper breeding diet, learn to
    recognize emergencies that can come with egg binding, abuse
    of chick by the parents, improper feeding by the parents, and
    all the rest. The list of what you need to know goes on and
    on. Also, make sure they both have a checkup with a good
    Avian Vet to see that they are in perfect health first. If
    you don't already have a good Avian vet, you need to get
    established with one before even thinking about allowing them
    to breed.