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Re: Greenwing with an attitude

Posted by Jeff on 9/18/08
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    On 9/18/08, GreyLady wrote:
    > On 9/17/08, Jeff wrote:
    >> I've had a rescued greenwing about 4 years now. She wasn't
    >> physically abused per se but she was never given any
    >> attention. No mater how much I handle her she will not
    >> stop being on the offensive. She will bite at any given
    >> chance and bite with the intention of inflicting damage.
    >> I'm the only one that can even begin handle her. She will
    >> let my wife pick her up to put her in the cage for the
    >> night and that's it. the question::: AM I EVER GOING TO
    > Do you know how old she is? Was there only one owner before
    > you or do you know for sure? Any other birds in the home?
    > How much time does she spend out of her cage each day? Does
    > she have a separate play gym or parrot stand, away from her
    > cage? How is her diet and overall health?

    She is about 6 years old. The person I got her from had her at
    least a year. That's all I know. We have a goffin in the house
    as well. She gets to spend about 3 or 4 hours out of her cage
    on the days we work. Much longer on the days we are off. I
    build her a new play tree about every 4 months. She chews
    through them like crazy. She will eat anything I put in front
    of her. She gets a pretty varied diet with lots of veggies and
    fruit. Not to mention plenty of my flesh. She has a chronic
    respiratory problem that she had when we got her. The people
    couldn't afford a vet so I finally talked them into giving her
    to me. Overall she plays and eats just fine. She's just a
    bitch! I've called her that so much she now calls ME bitch!!