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Re: End of my rope

Posted by Lori on 9/26/08
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    On 9/22/08, Jeff wrote:
    > I think I'm going to find out if greenwing taste's like
    > chicken

    Been there wanted to boil ours- She loves my husband and
    dispises women with a passion. Im her maid, cage cleanner,
    toy maker-chef 7 days a week. If he is home she is the most
    horrible of our 10 parrots.I ignore her, treat her like
    everyone eles, it's a game to see what she can do to get
    attention from me, she will crap out her cage 2-4 times a
    day, and I mean hold it in till she blows-- everywhere. I
    always in the mornings when i clean give her a walnut in her
    food dish, she steps up as long as Hubby isnt home, he walks
    in Im mincemeat. I got her a double macaw cage and she has
    the most windows, I now call her Beautiful, it's bitch under
    breath. I seriously think its a game and she craves for my
    attention like a kid throwing a tantrum, and I ignore- do my
    thing and move on to MY nicer birds, it has been 3 years now
    and only thing different is I will not let her intimadate
    me, I will win, may take till Im 100 though, but if he
    passes before me- our GW goes to his grave with him! :) Just
    know Jeff you are not alone, there are more of us out there
    with GW attitudes, and someday I do hope she realizes how
    good she has it here with us!

    Gypsy our GW Macaw