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Post: two female macaws

Posted by Claudia B-P on 9/29/08

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    Hi Everybody ~

    I haven't been on here in years, but I have a question. We
    have a seven year old female CAG, a female greenwing macaw
    and we just got a 7 year old female B&G yesterday. I
    haven't introduced the macaws to each other yet. I want
    the B&G to take her transition in for a few days (she is a
    rehomed bird, from what sounds like a neglectful
    situation). Right now my plan is to get a large java tree
    that they can hang out on. However, I don't want them to
    bond. Do I need to be concerned about this if they are
    both female? If so, what do I need to watch for? Any
    suggestions? Hi Graylady, nice to see you! Thanks, Claudia

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