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Re: two female macaws

Posted by GreyLady on 9/30/08
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    On 9/29/08, Claudia B-P wrote:
    > Hi Everybody ~
    > I haven't been on here in years, but I have a question. We
    > have a seven year old female CAG, a female greenwing macaw
    > and we just got a 7 year old female B&G yesterday. I
    > haven't introduced the macaws to each other yet. I want
    > the B&G to take her transition in for a few days (she is a
    > rehomed bird, from what sounds like a neglectful
    > situation). Right now my plan is to get a large java tree
    > that they can hang out on. However, I don't want them to
    > bond. Do I need to be concerned about this if they are
    > both female? If so, what do I need to watch for? Any
    > suggestions? Hi Graylady, nice to see you! Thanks, Claudia

    Hi Claudia, great to see you again also. May I ask, why are
    you concerned about them possibly forming a bond? Is it
    because you think they might tend to exclude you if they do?
    I'm assuming gender is known for sure on both? How long have
    you had your GW and how is your relationship with her? I may
    not have anything to help you but the more I know, the more
    suggestions I might have. GL