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Re: two female macaws

Posted by Claudia Bates - Physioc on 9/30/08
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    On 9/30/08, GreyLady wrote:
    > On 9/29/08, Claudia B-P wrote:
    >> Hi Everybody ~
    >> I haven't been on here in years, but I have a question. We
    >> have a seven year old female CAG, a female greenwing macaw
    >> and we just got a 7 year old female B&G yesterday. I
    >> haven't introduced the macaws to each other yet. I want
    >> the B&G to take her transition in for a few days (she is a
    >> rehomed bird, from what sounds like a neglectful
    >> situation). Right now my plan is to get a large java tree
    >> that they can hang out on. However, I don't want them to
    >> bond. Do I need to be concerned about this if they are
    >> both female? If so, what do I need to watch for? Any
    >> suggestions? Hi Graylady, nice to see you! Thanks, Claudia
    > Hi Claudia, great to see you again also. May I ask, why are
    > you concerned about them possibly forming a bond? Is it
    > because you think they might tend to exclude you if they do?
    > I'm assuming gender is known for sure on both? How long
    > you had your GW and how is your relationship with her? I
    > not have anything to help you but the more I know, the more
    > suggestions I might have. GL

    I'm woried about them bonding because they won't want to be
    pets anymore and I would miss them. yes, they have both been
    DNA sexed as females. I have had my GW for two years (she was
    a year old when I got her) and we have a wonderful time.
    However, she is more standoffish than my last macaw, Bella.
    She was a B$G, so it may be a function of species
    personality. From my observation, it seemed that our new B&G
    and her mommy had a nice relationship, too, she was just
    unable to spend enough time with her bird so she is going to
    require a little bit of work, which I am OK with. I'm just not
    sure about whether to let them hang out on the same play tree
    together, and if I do, what I should look for.I would love to
    have all my big birds, my gray and my 2 macaws, spend the day
    together in one place. I think the socialization would be nice
    or them and that they clean-up would be much easier having
    them all in the same place. Thanks, Claudia