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Re: Any parrot feathers

Posted by Daryl Sakeva on 10/02/08
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    I am sorry for what you may think of me but I don't appreciate
    what you wrote. I don't need to explain myself to you and I
    don't sell any of these feathers. If you have children and you
    are the only parent that is working living pay check to pay
    check, than I suggest you stay quiet. I strongly believe in my
    religion and respect everyone and the earth but have someone to
    say these things to me is very disrespectful.

    On 10/01/08, Ma Kettle wrote:
    > On 10/01/08, Daryl Sakeva wrote:
    >> I would to know if any one can send me parrot feathers for
    >> my sons 11, 9, and 3. I am trying to collect feathers for
    >> them so they can use them when they grow up for our
    >> ceremonials please e-mail me, thank you
    > Yea right. Why don't you go to ebay and buy them like
    > everyone else. Or is that the plan. You get them free from
    > us and then YOU sell the on ebay. Hit the road