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Re: Parrot or turkey or any type of feathers

Posted by Ma Kettle on 10/01/08
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    On 10/01/08, Daryl Sakeva wrote:
    > I had written a post just today and I was asking anyone for
    > parrot feathers. I would like to know if anyone has any
    > kind of feathers. I would love to get different kind of
    > feathers. I use them for my traditional style dolls and
    > ceremonial duties. Also if anyone has any kind of pelts, I
    > would love to have them too. (fox, coyote, mountain lion,
    > deer, any kind of pelts) My two older sons are at that age
    > where they will be participating a lot on the
    > We also do performances for museums, cultural events, and
    > conferences. We are known as the "Hopi Reed Clan Dancers".
    > Anyone please e-mail me.

    Yea right. Why don't you go to ebay and buy them like
    everyone else. Or is that the plan. You get them free from
    us and then YOU sell the on ebay. Hit the road