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Re: Parrot or turkey or any type of feathers

Posted by Daryl Sakeva on 10/02/08
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    Like I said before I don't appreciate what you had posted to me.
    I am true to myself and my children and religion. So if you
    think that I am going to sell these things than just don't even
    bother writing back. I thought there were good hearted people
    out there but I guess there are people like you who think
    otherwise of people.

    On 10/01/08, Ma Kettle wrote:
    > On 10/01/08, Daryl Sakeva wrote:
    >> I had written a post just today and I was asking anyone for
    >> parrot feathers. I would like to know if anyone has any
    >> kind of feathers. I would love to get different kind of
    >> feathers. I use them for my traditional style dolls and
    > for
    >> ceremonial duties. Also if anyone has any kind of pelts, I
    >> would love to have them too. (fox, coyote, mountain lion,
    >> deer, any kind of pelts) My two older sons are at that age
    >> where they will be participating a lot on the
    > reservation.
    >> We also do performances for museums, cultural events, and
    >> conferences. We are known as the "Hopi Reed Clan Dancers".
    >> Anyone please e-mail me.
    > Yea right. Why don't you go to ebay and buy them like
    > everyone else. Or is that the plan. You get them free from
    > us and then YOU sell the on ebay. Hit the road