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Post: Two female macaws

Posted by Cladia Bates - Physioc on 10/05/08

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    Thank you Bella and Graylady for your responses. I must
    say, I liked graylady's opinion better. I just spent all
    my allowance on a Java tree and I have homey images of all
    my birds happily hanging out in our kitchen/family room
    while I bake brownies. This lovely piece of furniture will
    arrive next week and will entail the total rearrangement
    of the existing furniture. Sigh. What we do for our
    feathred friends.

    OK. Given that these girlies may bond, what should I look
    for? The other question, is there a possibility for
    something other than bond or lunge ~ a happy medim where
    they could possibly co-exist on the same space? The tree I
    ordered is actually two trees on on stand 6'X 3'X 7 feet
    high. It will have two bowls on each tree so there will be
    plenty of space if they don't want to kiss. Of course,
    ensuring that they all stay on their own tree...

    Any thoughts, suggestions would be most welcome. BTW, I
    had a B&G that sadly died a couple of years ago. This one
    is Flora and the GW is Luna. Flora is making a wonderful
    transition and is the sweetest 7 year old ever!
    Thanks, Claudia

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