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Re: bathing Macaw please help

Posted by GreyLady on 10/16/08
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    Again, excellent advice from Karen and I agree 100%. Slow and
    steady will win that race. I don't know to what extent the
    lady is disabled but if it is not a disability that prevents
    her from communicating with you, she is going to be your best
    source of information about the bathing, likes, dislikes, and
    any vocabulary. The more you can make things the way the bird
    is used to, the better, at least in the beginning. Too many
    changes can be the worst possible thing in a re-home
    situation. Even if some things, like the bathing, or lack of,
    was not the best situation in the long run, let all changes
    wait as long as possible so long as they are not dangerous for
    the bird and so long as they don't constitute neglect. It
    took me nearly two years to be able to safely handle my re-
    homed Macaw and I'm talking about a big Macaw, not one the size
    of a Hahns. So, just take it easy, stay calm and all should
    work out for you. GL