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Re: Macaw tail feathers

Posted by GreyLady on 10/16/08
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    On 10/16/08, cindy wrote:
    > hi,
    > i have a blue and gold macaw that i recently rescued. the
    > tail feather is kinda messed up. is there any way to fix
    > this issue? would clipping it be ok and will it grow back?
    > please advise to what to do about this situation.
    > thanks,
    > cin

    Definitely DO NOT clip any of the tail feathers unless it is
    suggested by a vet because of some health issue. I can't
    imagine what that would be even. Macaws are, for the most
    part, famous for not wanting anyone to touch their tail
    feathers for any reason at all. If you try, it may only make
    his settling in and trust issues worse. If it's just a
    matter of they are a little ugly or maybe dirty, etc., just
    leave them alone. They will drop out and be replaced in
    their own time. Even if it's only that they are dirty,
    still, don't mess with them. He/she doesn't want them
    touched. The bird will groom them as best it can as it
    settles in and the ongoing molting process will take care of
    the rest. Good luck to you.