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Re: Macaw tail feathers

Posted by VA on 10/17/08
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    On 10/16/08, cindy wrote:
    > hi,
    > i have a blue and gold macaw that i recently rescued. the
    > tail feather is kinda messed up. is there any way to fix
    > this issue? would clipping it be ok and will it grow back?
    > please advise to what to do about this situation.
    > thanks,
    > cin

    Our Macaws tails can get tattered looking but it is from
    playing hard, swinging ect, Like GL stated, never cut tail
    feathers, they will be replaced by new ones, make sure birds
    cage is large enough we had to go to double macaw cage and
    B&G still has tattered tail, but they play and have fun-
    kinds like a kids hair, it is always a mess cause they play!