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Re: Pairing macaws

Posted by Didnt ask for you comment on 12/29/08
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    I ask for a curiosity purpose that is what the purpose is! in
    case you cant read. I did NOT ask for your personal opinion on
    hybrids! If that were the case I was of stated that instead of
    waht I did. You didnt need to be a smart ass! Some people have
    different opinions of hybrids and if yours is ANTI_ hybrid
    then have a tall glass of shut the hell up. Because that is
    not what I ask for! Plain and simple!

    On 12/13/08, What's the purpose? wrote:
    > I am not sure of what it would called other than another man
    > created "DILUTION" of an exotic species. Then, believe it or
    > not, the price of these DILUTED birds increase because of
    > RARITY. Are these called "Designer Breeds", just as the
    > mixed breeding of dogs? I would call them MUTTS!
    > Just making a point.
    > On 10/22/08, Peg wrote:
    >> Anyone know anything about a pair of macaws, that the
    >> female is a scarlet and the male is a miligold? What are
    >> the babies? And is that a legit pair? Just curious. Any
    >> info or input would be great. Thanks =-)