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Re: Pairing macaws

Posted by to Mr. Plain and SIMPLE on 12/30/08
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    On 12/29/08, Didnt ask for you comment wrote:
    > I ask for a curiosity purpose that is what the purpose is! in
    > case you cant read. I did NOT ask for your personal opinion on
    > hybrids! If that were the case I was of stated that instead of
    > waht I did. You didnt need to be a smart ass! Some people have
    > different opinions of hybrids and if yours is ANTI_ hybrid
    > then have a tall glass of shut the hell up. Because that is
    > not what I ask for! Plain and simple!
    > On 12/13/08, What's the purpose? wrote:
    >> I am not sure of what it would called other than another man
    >> created "DILUTION" of an exotic species. Then, believe it or
    >> not, the price of these DILUTED birds increase because of
    >> RARITY. Are these called "Designer Breeds", just as the
    >> mixed breeding of dogs? I would call them MUTTS!
    >> Just making a point.
    >> On 10/22/08, Peg wrote:
    >>> Anyone know anything about a pair of macaws, that the
    >>> female is a scarlet and the male is a miligold? What are
    >>> the babies? And is that a legit pair? Just curious. Any
    >>> info or input would be great. Thanks =-)

    WTH you DID ask for opinions idiot!! And heres mine....... No
    they wouldn't be a legit pair. They would not be pretty at all
    and would make all offspring genetically mud. Hell a miligold is
    already mud. There are some pretty hybreds but again, the genes
    are then scrambled. And yes they would be rare.....only because
    no one is stupid enough to bother to breed these two different
    macaws. You sure do live up to your name Mr. Plain and SIMPLE.