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Re: EdenPure heater safe for birds

Posted by GreyLady on 11/11/08
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    I don't see anything in their literature that would make me
    think I could not use it safely around my birds. However,
    the cost blew me away. Before spending that much money, I'd
    suggest you check out these Longhi heaters also.

    I use one like this and am quite satisfied with it. I don't
    find it to be prohibitive in operating cost, it was
    reasonably priced to buy and it has lasted me for several
    years now. It has a thermostat and also low, med. and high
    settings. It has never gotten so hot that it would burn bird
    feet, even if they landed on it. With it being totally
    contained, it doesn't emit any kind of fumes or odors. Might
    be worth a look.