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Re: Scissor Beak Macaw/Dull Feathers

Posted by pet parrots on 11/28/08
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    Hi, why dont you make and puree some healthy foods for your
    new macaw. Like sweetpotatoes, and veggie mix, you could do
    the same with fruits and a little yougurt/cottage chesse/
    oatmeal something with substance and high nutrients with
    good fats is what macaws need.Baby foods dont have enough.
    Id try the Beak appetit mixes, liquid sunshine is great, so
    is some liquid kelp in water.Helps remove impurities from

    If she needs nuts with no shells due to beak, then crack
    them for her, she will still be intreged to dig out of
    shell, it is fun to them and she will feel she is actually
    normal. Think up new combinations no one likes to eat same
    stuff all the time, be creative think what you would like if
    you were this bird and what wouls be healthiest for you.

    On 11/19/08, Veronica Degutis wrote:
    > First time user, please bear with me. I've owned several
    > species of birds, abosulte bird lover, they are my only
    > pets and like children around our house, and avid 'peak-a-
    > boo' players. The longest a 6 year old gray who i've had
    > since four months old. I was recently given a BG Macaw in
    > September. She is 4years old, severe case of scissor beak
    > which has on several occasions been trimmed by a vet.
    > They've fed her baby food thus far in life and small
    > amounts of cockatiel seed (she now has been switched to
    > the seed diet I prefer for a larger parrot and eats the
    > same portion, generally just sun flower seeds.) A vet has
    > not yet said do not feed her baby food, however, many avid
    > bird owners have said absolutely not too. I'm not sure
    > whether I should feed her baby food or not. I mix up both
    > of my parrots diets with sun factor in the seeds, and a
    > daily mixture of veggies or berries. The macaw does have
    > trouble eating the seed due to her beak and previous
    > owners were told for this reason to supplement her diet.
    > Some fresh fruits can be challenging, small berries
    > (blueberries) and veggies like corn and peas are easy for
    > her to eat. I can send pictures of the severity of the
    > sciossor beak if it helps. The macaw feathers seemed
    > rather dull when I got her and she was in poor condition,
    > unable to crack the coating of new feathers (but gladly
    > allowed me to do so for her). The since bringing Zu (BG)
    > home our grey Walter seems to be dulling in color. But for
    > this the vets office sold me some sun factor. I've never
    > had trouble with the gray, im sure it hasn't been easy
    > sharing her previously one parrot home. But no feather
    > plucking, or large change in behavior has occurred since
    > the new addition. Any suggestions would be greatly
    > appreciated.