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Post: Copper bird bath

Posted by Laura on 12/07/08

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    Hello, I have a 16 yr old Harlequin Macaw, Matilda.
    Matilda has owned me for over a year and loveloveloves
    bath time with a spray bottle. While spraying her, she
    always goes to her water dish to bath at the same time. I
    have put xtra large dishes into the bottom of her cage but
    she won't go near them. I have Matilda to use, I know
    birds can be affected by some metals, does andy one know
    if this bird bath would be o.k.? Also as a part two, does
    anyone ever "dry" their birds? Matilda will not tolerate
    a towel but I am curious about a hair dryer on low
    setting. The bird room is 71 degrees, but I worry about
    her getting a chill.

    Thank you all!
    Laura, Matilda's person

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