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Re: Copper bird bath

Posted by GreyLady on 12/08/08
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    First off, on the hair dryer. That's a no-no. Two main
    reasons; They should always dry naturally. Drying with a
    blow dryer causes their skin and feathers to be too dry,
    leading to itching and other problems. More dangerous than
    that, some hair dryers are made with some Teflon in them.
    I'm sure you know about that danger. If the room temperature
    is what she is used to at all times, she should not get too
    chilled with a bath. Now, as for the copper, yes it's
    safe. It is a natural product. Not a mixture of other
    metals. Things with iron and lead are what you have to
    avoid. She may not take to the bird bath right away, just
    because it's "strange" to her. But keep offering it, along
    with the spraying, and she may come around. Another good
    enticement to get birds to bathe is to fix their bath, then
    run your vaccuum. Most birds I know are inspired by that,
    for reasons known only to the bird. Go figure. Oh, another
    thing to help prevent chilling, you may already know but just
    in case. Fill you spray bottle with really hot water. Even
    if it feels too hot to your hand coming out of the fauacet,
    when you spray/mist it out, it will not be hot. Of coursre
    always test the spray on your hand but you should find realy
    hot water comes from the bottle at a pleasantly warm temp.
    Let me know if you need anything else.