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Re: Copper bird bath

Posted by Alison on 12/09/08
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    On 12/08/08, GreyLady wrote:
    > Another good
    > enticement to get birds to bathe is to fix their bath, then
    > run your vaccuum. Most birds I know are inspired by that,
    > for reasons known only to the bird. Go figure. > GL
    After 30+ years dealing with birds, I still cannot figure out
    why they love to bathe with the vaccuum running. I always got
    a kick out of it, especially when trying to clean up the
    Rescues aviary and I'd have 40 parrots yelling for a bath. It
    wouldn't have been bad, except that I vaccuumed so many times
    a day and they wanted to bathe EVERY time. LOL -Alison-