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Re: my macaw fell in ICW

Posted by Greylady on 12/23/08
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    On 12/22/08, Joe wrote:
    > My blue and gold feel off my porch in Intercoastal water
    > way partly salt water. He is not recovering very well. I
    > wonder if this has happen to any other owners?

    That fact that it is salty water is not the main problem. He
    may have inhaled some water and that can be very serious.
    You really need to get him to a GOOD AVIAN vet asap. Really
    good ones should have someone available 24/7 even on
    holidays. Please don't delay or you could lose him from
    pneumonia. While there, you can ask for advice about how
    best to handle any salt water residue on his feathers. But
    it's the lungs you must be most concerned with right now.