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Re: Playstand and feed bowl recommendation needed

Posted by Rick on 1/02/09
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    On 1/02/09, Claudia bates - Physioc wrote:
    > Hi Everybody ~
    > I currently have four playstands in various stages of
    > disrepair. They were all purchased within the last six
    > months. Although I athestically prefer trees to metal I
    > have both kinds in the endless serch for a playstand my
    > macaws won't destroy. On the tree stands, they unscrew the
    > branches. On the metal stands, they chew off the wooden
    > perches and ladders. And the food bowl trouble ~ oh my,
    > how incorrageable my birds are! They will (immediately)
    > flip the bowl out of the metal ring. They will unscrew the
    > bowl from the post. They will break the sodder that's
    > holding the bowl on. I recently bought a large, very
    > beautiful double Java tree perch from King Cage's ~ more
    > importantly, it is functional. It comes with ceramic screw
    > on bowls that the birds haven't been able to destroy. But
    > purchasing multiple of these is not in my birdie budget.
    > So... can i hear some testimonials from folks who love
    > their playstands and still have food bowls intact? BTW, my
    > birds are rarely caged, and I rotate them from playstand
    > to playstand throughout the day to expand their daily
    > horizons! So quality playstands are a vital part of our
    > day.
    > Thanks alot,
    > Claudia

    Hi Claudia,

    Sounds as though you have some very rambunctious birds. Just
    as you, we have 2 Macaws and playstands placed throughout the
    house as well. One of them is very destructive when he doesn't
    get enough attention, so he thinks, and the other, she is a
    sweetheart and just loves hanging out. They both are bowl
    flippers as well, especially when they are finished eating. I
    believe it's a game for them. I think they just like seeing me

    What I have found that works best, is making playstands out of
    PVC. PVC is wonderful for those chewers in the family. Can
    make endless gym designs. Just be careful of the glue that the
    excess has been wiped well. I even have a 2 tier, 5 foot
    outdoor play gym for them, enclosed of course.
    Making the Bases larger is a plus because they can't slide
    down to the floor, although we have other stands that they
    escape from. This is usually the exercise day for all of us.

    We also picked up an expandable metal Clothes Rack at a garage
    sale that adjust in height and width. A $5 treasure.
    Non-destructible too. We are always looking for ideas when
    garage saleing. Best place to buy.

    I feel your pain (ha ha) when it comes to improvising on a
    regular basis, as I am sure most others here do as well. We
    get smarter as we start replacing and repairing. Good luck
    with the Fids.