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Re: Playstand and feed bowl recommendation needed

Posted by GreyLady on 1/03/09
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    I agree with Rick. Expecially about garage sales and thrift
    stores. Great ways to find toys for them also. I can't add
    much to what he said but would like to make one comment about
    the PVC/glue issue. I also have PVC, homemade stands but I
    have found that no glue at all is needed. Since I'm not using
    it for plumbing, it doesn't have to be water tight and I've had
    no problem at all with the pieces staying together very well,
    using no glue of any kind. I wasn't willing to risk it and
    haven't had one fall apart yet. Another hint is to use medium
    sandpaper to rough up the slick surface, and/or, wrap the
    perching portions in various colors of vet wrap. Gives them a
    better grip, makes your stands more colorful and it's easily
    replaced if they pull some of it off.