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Re: Playstand and feed bowl recommendation needed

Posted by Rick on 1/03/09
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    On 1/03/09, GreyLady wrote:
    > I agree with Rick. Expecially about garage sales and thrift
    > stores. Great ways to find toys for them also. I can't add
    > much to what he said but would like to make one comment about
    > the PVC/glue issue. I also have PVC, homemade stands but I
    > have found that no glue at all is needed. Since I'm not using
    > it for plumbing, it doesn't have to be water tight and I've had
    > no problem at all with the pieces staying together very well,
    > using no glue of any kind. I wasn't willing to risk it and
    > haven't had one fall apart yet. Another hint is to use medium
    > sandpaper to rough up the slick surface, and/or, wrap the
    > perching portions in various colors of vet wrap. Gives them a
    > better grip, makes your stands more colorful and it's easily
    > replaced if they pull some of it off.

    Great suggestion GL regarding the Vet wrap. Never thought of that.
    What I had used is the thick colored poly twine and wrapped the
    pvc (takes quite a long time, but looks so pretty too) to give
    them the grip they needed. Also used the additional twine to make
    Frayed toys with. I had glued the pvc together, being it is
    holding Macaws and I have 1 that likes to rock back and forth, so
    it just for extra reassurance to hold together.
    Wal-Mart has great baby toys for the birds. But, nothing beats the
    Goodwills and the garage sales.
    Thanks for the advice on the Vet Wrap.