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Re: Playstand and feed bowl recommendation needed

Posted by GreyLady on 1/04/09
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    On 1/03/09, Rick wrote:

    > Great suggestion GL regarding the Vet wrap. Never thought of that.
    > What I had used is the thick colored poly twine and wrapped the
    > pvc (takes quite a long time, but looks so pretty too) to give
    > them the grip they needed. Also used the additional twine to make
    > Frayed toys with. I had glued the pvc together, being it is
    > holding Macaws and I have 1 that likes to rock back and forth, so
    > it just for extra reassurance to hold together.
    > Wal-Mart has great baby toys for the birds. But, nothing beats the
    > Goodwills and the garage sales.
    > Thanks for the advice on the Vet Wrap.

    Your most welcome. Glad when I can help. Another thing I just
    remembered that others have said worked well, was to wrap with jute
    and/or the vegetable tanned leather. I use the leather a lot when
    making toys. I'm lucky in that my Macaw is not real rowdy so I can
    see where that could make a big difference in durability of
    anything. What I have found most valuable at the cheap places is
    when kids outgrow their Fischer Price type toys. Those that make
    music or talk when buttons are pushed. They are high dollar when
    new but can often be picked up for a couple bucks at garage sales.
    I wipe them down well with vinegar/water or very light non clorine
    bleach solution and all my bird love them. My African Grey in
    particular. The minute the batteries get low in his, he slams it
    around to be sure I notice and replace them. He is too funny.