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Re: new owner of macall

Posted by GreyLady on 1/06/09
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    On 1/06/09, judy wrote:
    > hello..i have just recently became the proud owner of a
    > maccall parrot..her name is sadie..sadie is eating well
    > and drinking well, she is adopting to her surroundings
    > well...BUT SHE IS BITEIN AT ME..I try to pet her, she does
    > shake with me and let me touch her beek but she is like
    > trying to bite me..can anyone help me figure this problem
    > out? She will yell momma when im not in the room and seems
    > to settle when i go in..i want to get to where i can take
    > her out of her cage any suggestions on how to calm her
    > down..

    Some more specific information will help us to give you the
    best help.
    What do you mean by recent? A few days, few weeks, what?
    How long have you had her?
    Is this you first experience with a large parrot?
    Do you know how old she is?
    Do you know why the previous owner let her go?
    Do you know if you are her second home, third, what?
    Does she "snap" at you with the beak or just reach for your
    hand or finger?
    Does she only do it at certain times, like when you ask her
    to step up or if you are trying to touch her, other than
    stepping up?
    What do you do when you think she is about to bite?
    Are you reaching your hand inside the cage or does it happen
    when she is out of the cage?
    The more information we have, the better we may be able to