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Re: new owner of macall/oops, also

Posted by GreyLady on 1/06/09
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    What kind of Macaw is it? B&G, Scarlet, what? (They can have
    varying personalities.)

    > Some more specific information will help us to give you the
    > best help.
    > What do you mean by recent? A few days, few weeks, what?
    > How long have you had her?
    > Is this you first experience with a large parrot?
    > Do you know how old she is?
    > Do you know why the previous owner let her go?
    > Do you know if you are her second home, third, what?
    > Does she "snap" at you with the beak or just reach for your
    > hand or finger?
    > Does she only do it at certain times, like when you ask her
    > to step up or if you are trying to touch her, other than
    > stepping up?
    > What do you do when you think she is about to bite?
    > Are you reaching your hand inside the cage or does it happen
    > when she is out of the cage?
    > The more information we have, the better we may be able to
    > help.