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Re: new owner of macall

Posted by Rick on 1/06/09
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    On 1/06/09, judy wrote:
    > hello..i have just recently became the proud owner of a
    > maccall parrot..her name is sadie..sadie is eating well
    > and drinking well, she is adopting to her surroundings
    > well...BUT SHE IS BITEIN AT ME..I try to pet her, she does
    > shake with me and let me touch her beek but she is like
    > trying to bite me..can anyone help me figure this problem
    > out? She will yell momma when im not in the room and seems
    > to settle when i go in..i want to get to where i can take
    > her out of her cage any suggestions on how to calm her
    > down..

    First off, I guess I should ask if you have any experience
    with larger birds, or did you get her on a whim?

    My personal opinion, I feel from reading your posting, there
    is so much you may not know, or possibly didn't think of to
    read about from forums, etc. to gain knowledge and understand
    behavior when bringing a new bird into the family. There is an
    adjustment period, aka Honeymoon Period, that needs to be
    taken into consideration for any new addition. They need time
    to adjust. They are not like puppies and kittens.

    Pardon me for this comment, but it's scary to think that you
    have a Macaw and actually don't know how to correctly spell
    it. This is my first concern. I have Macaws as well.

    Secondly, due to the fact use say you just acquired this bird
    and she is adapting well, it sounds as though she, Sadie, is
    not adapting well, hence the biting. She is most likely
    "testing the waters" with you. How much do you know about her
    background? As for the screaming "momma" and your giving in by
    going into the room every time, did you know that you are
    creating a horrible behavioral problem with your Sadie. Trust
    me, any / or all of us here have experienced this behavior at
    one time or another. You are creating a Monster by reacting to
    her every "momma".

    *Please do not go into the room every time she cries out
    momma. Go in after she had stopped or settled down and praise
    her for being a good girl. Do not praise for BAD Behavior.

    *Also, patients is a necessity and a virtue for bringing
    harmony into a home with a new bird.

    I don't mean to sound heartless with some of wordings, but you
    have taken on a great task with a Macaw. It can be a wonderful
    adventure or a nightmare. Please read, read, and then read
    some more to educate yourself. There are many here who can
    help, but search the internet and find as much Macaw info as
    you can. This will be your greatest asset, for you and your
    Sadie. You will learn together.