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Re: sadie

Posted by Rick on 1/07/09
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    On 1/07/09, Rick wrote:
    > On 1/07/09, judy wrote:
    >> hello rick, thanks for the advice, yes i did get sadie on
    >> a whim,ok ill stop going in the room when she calls..dont
    >> need to set any bad habits with her right off the bat. i
    >> have been reading up on sadie, there any sights
    >> you can suggest for me to go gain information on
    >> her or maybe some good books..thanks for the help
    > Hi Judy,
    > I posted some information on the other link you have posted.
    > Here are a couple links to Macaw Forums. I go there as well.
    > Alot of great info.
    > Rick


    Found you another good Vet related site that has alot of good
    information to common problems and situations.