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Re: sadie

Posted by Sarah on 1/08/09
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    On 1/07/09, Rick wrote:
    > On 1/07/09, Rick wrote:
    >> On 1/07/09, judy wrote:
    >>> hello rick, thanks for the advice, yes i did get sadie on
    >>> a whim,ok ill stop going in the room when she calls..dont
    >>> need to set any bad habits with her right off the bat. i
    >>> have been reading up on sadie, there any sights
    >>> you can suggest for me to go gain information on
    >>> her or maybe some good books..thanks for the help
    >> Hi Judy,
    >> I posted some information on the other link you have posted.
    >> Here are a couple links to Macaw Forums. I go there as well.
    >> Alot of great info.
    >> Rick
    > Judy,
    > Found you another good Vet related site that has alot of good
    > information to common problems and situations.
    is a good one also. I'll tell you about my Macaw later, off to
    work. Just keep talking to yours. Give healthy treats so you're
    great to be around. Make it step up alot. They behave a bit
    better away from their cage. Make other noises back & forth so
    she won't scream to you. Cover w a sheet & ignore for a LITTLE
    while if screaming. Mine's in the livingroom. Fav spot is on
    swing hung in kitchen watchin me do dishes. Not there while I'm
    cooking, not safe (I can't cook). I hung a plastic coffee
    container full of toys & treats. Keep yours buisy & in a really
    large cage. Mine luvs a big tough bell to ring. I've had her for
    years & I just love her. Out of my zoo, she's the favorite.
    Kinda dumb to start w a Scarlet but I wouldn't have her any
    other way! Later I'll let you know which toys last the longest
    too. Good luck. Sarah