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Re: Blue and Gold stolen

Posted by karen on 1/16/09
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    On 1/16/09, Laura wrote:
    > I am posting with the hopes that someone will be able to
    > offer suggestion. My mothers beloved blue and gold macaw
    > was stolen from her home yesterday. We believe they
    > specifically came for the bird. Family is beyond
    > and any suggestions you may have to help locate the bird
    > would be appreciated. I have contacted all local pet shops
    > and animal hospitals.


    Where are you at? Tell everyone!!
    start searching the net & bird shows for macaw for sale &
    wanted! Post in you local lost & found section of news paper
    Put posters up with a reward & saying it was stolen!!!
    Children talk more than adults & tell each other about new
    pets. If they know it was stolen & some one is heart broken
    they may call. Some people will return it for the reward
    just to save face with family.
    Put out lots of posters! Bars, laundry mat, stop sighns etc.
    Let them know you just want your bird back!! or they may
    kill it not to get the law involved.
    Hate to say it -most likely some one you know-
    Best of luck