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Re: Blue and Gold stolen

Posted by Laura on 1/16/09
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    On 1/16/09, karen wrote:
    > On 1/16/09, Laura wrote:
    >> I am posting with the hopes that someone will be able to
    >> offer suggestion. My mothers beloved blue and gold macaw
    >> was stolen from her home yesterday. We believe they
    >> specifically came for the bird. Family is beyond
    > devastated
    >> and any suggestions you may have to help locate the bird
    >> would be appreciated. I have contacted all local pet shops
    >> and animal hospitals.
    > Hi
    > Where are you at? Tell everyone!!
    > start searching the net & bird shows for macaw for sale &
    > wanted! Post in you local lost & found section of news paper
    > Put posters up with a reward & saying it was stolen!!!
    > Children talk more than adults & tell each other about new
    > pets. If they know it was stolen & some one is heart broken
    > they may call. Some people will return it for the reward
    > just to save face with family.
    > Put out lots of posters! Bars, laundry mat, stop sighns etc.
    > Let them know you just want your bird back!! or they may
    > kill it not to get the law involved.
    > Hate to say it -most likely some one you know-
    > Best of luck

    Thank you for your response. This happened in Grand Prairie
    Texas on 1/15/09. I will take your suggestions and put them to
    use as I just want to get my mom's bird back to her, she is
    devastated. Thank you again i really appreciate knowing there
    are caring people out there such as yourself.