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Re: new biting and screaming macaw

Posted by GreyLady on 1/26/09
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    On 1/26/09, sue wrote:
    > Hello,
    > I just purchased a milligold macaw and she is viciously
    > trying to bite me and screams ALL DAY long. Any
    > suggestions this is my first macaw. Thanks

    Exactly how long is "just bought"? How long has she been
    with you? Do you know her age? If she is an adult bird, did
    you quiz the previous owner as to why they were letting her
    go? Did you get all the info. possible about her background,
    previous homes if more than two, why she has been passed
    around, her habits, likes, dislikes, her vocabulary, and so
    on? If not, can you still contact them? That is the type of
    information that is vital when it comes to a rehomed bird.
    But even if that was the case, it's still vital info. for you
    to know how to proceed with her. They expect us to be able to
    carry on exactly as they were used to, unless they were
    abused or neglected of course. They do not understand why
    anything has changed, nor why you don't do things exactly as
    expected. Rehoming is traumatic for any parrot, even under
    ideal circumstances. You will have to see it from her
    viewpoint and have patience, to the nth degree with her,
    maybe for a very long time. If you have more info. on her,
    please share with us. That will help us to maybe help you
    better. In the meantime, just take it very slow, don't try
    to handle her or make her do anything. You should only be
    spending time near her, talking to her in a soft voice,
    reassuring her that she is safe. When she is screaming,
    don't raise your voice back to her under any circumstances.
    That will only make it worse. Talk even softer to her so
    that she has to be quiet to hear you, or simply walk away,
    then return to giving her attention as soon as she stops.
    There are so many possible reasons for the behavior and
    finding as much information about her background and previous
    homes is the best place to start. Without it, you are really
    working in the dark. Let us know.