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Re: new biting and screaming macaw

Posted by karen on 1/26/09
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    On 1/26/09, sue wrote:
    > Hello,
    > I just purchased a milligold macaw and she is viciously
    > trying to bite me and screams ALL DAY long. Any
    > suggestions this is my first macaw. Thanks

    When I get a big bird whose background I do not know I take
    it slow. Consider the health; check on the web for things
    to look for. See a good avian vet if you have any concerns.
    Call your local bird club to get help finding a good vet.
    Try to get it started on a healthy diet.
    See if it will eat frt. & veg. pellets etc.
    Positive reinforcement:
    think of yourself as a big pezz dispenser.
    If the bird does something right give it a nummy.
    A nut, banana, grape, strawberry, etc
    For now, for your safety, try to get the macaw to reach for
    the treat. If it will not reach for food drop the treat
    into the food dish as it watches then step away
    Your goal is when the bird sees you it should be thinking
    “Does she have something good for me?”
    Never give a treat to a screaming bird unless you want to
    teach it to scream!
    Do not spend too much time fussing over the bird give it
    some space Think “baby steps” do not push!
    Do not stare; look shyly from the corner of your eye.
    The worst thing you can do is to act like a predator that is
    stalking the bird.
    Remember the bird does not know you & it looks as if it
    thinks you want to eat it!
    If the bird has had a bad past it will take time and
    patience to gain trust.
    If this is your first big bird look into joining a bird club
    and get help!
    There is so much to learn to have a healthy happy Macaw!
    Tuesday I will post a web page with good articles, -have to
    find it again
    Be calm, take a deep breath and take it slow