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Re: new biting and screaming macaw

Posted by Sue on 1/27/09
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    I can NOT thank you all enough for your responses!!! You are
    WAY more helpful than the guy the bird was purchased from and
    I GREATLY APPRECIATE the help!!! I am going to take my time
    with her and hopefully she will learn to love and trust me
    like my other birds. I hold my other birds in front of her
    cage and show her that they feel safe with me and that I am
    not going to hurt her. I am so used to getting a bird that
    is "tame" and it taking a day to adjust but being fine after a
    day or two because it so desperately wants human interaction.
    I guess the macaws are different. I was also very worried
    about if I left her in her cage too long she would become
    wilder still. Any and all suggestions are so appreciated.
    thanks again!!

    On 1/27/09, karen wrote:
    > On 1/26/09, sue wrote:
    >> Hello,
    >> I just purchased a milligold macaw and she is viciously
    >> trying to bite me and screams ALL DAY long. Any
    >> suggestions this is my first macaw. Thanks
    > HI
    > above is the best list of articles that I have seen
    > Take your time I do not rush with your bird.
    > I keep my birds in the dining room area so they can
    > see into the kitchen & travel into the living room.
    > -Taking great care while cooking!
    > This way the birds can see all of the going-ons in the house
    > & be part of the flock.
    > Is he getting 10 hr of quiet & dark a night & 2hr quiet time
    > in the afternoon?
    > Are you near a bird club?