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Re: new biting and screaming macaw

Posted by GreyLady on 1/28/09
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    Thanks for the extra information. Sorry I didn't get back to you
    sooner but the info. has helped the others give you some good
    advice. I agree. The two main things will be time and patience.
    One thing I would suggest is just opening the cage door but not
    attemting to make her come out. Put a stand close by that she can
    move onto, should she want to, later on. You don't want her to get
    cage protective but don't want to make her come out before she is
    ready. Just having the cage door open can make a difference. I
    agree also, I don't think Macaws are that much different than other
    large birds. In fact, some, and the B&G especially are
    called "gentle giants". They can be quite loving and cuddly. One
    problem might be, your bird is a hybrid and I'm not sure anyone
    knows yet for sure, how that mixing may, or may not, affect their
    temperament and personality. I also have a hybrid and some days, I
    never know what to expect. I wish there was a law against that
    kind of breeding but I guess as long as it makes money, it will
    continue. If you can find a web site or chat room for folks who
    have hybrid Macaws, they might have some more info. Good luck and
    let us know how things progress.