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Re: Macaw throwing up

Posted by Rick on 1/28/09
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    On 1/28/09, Sue wrote:
    > Hello all,
    > My new macaw is now throwing up and wondering what this
    > could mean? thanks!!


    Please, you need to provide more in depth information. You
    will have us guessing what is possibly wrong, with nothing
    more to go on. And time could be critical for you and your bird.

    Throwing up could mean she is regurgitating her food for you,
    a sign of BONDING. And I'm not sure if you have advanced to
    the bonding stage of your relationship with her so quickly,
    from your previous postings.

    So many questions. What is she throwing up, what does it look
    like, is it mucous, is it food, is it water, how often is she
    throwing up, does she appear to have the chills, is she
    huddled into the corner at the bottom of her cage, does she
    appear to be her normal self. If she has any of these
    symptoms, I would certainly seek advice from your Avian Vet
    ASAP! Birds can hide their ailments quite well.

    I have also attached a Yahoo link below that discusses in
    depth another scenario like yours. I wouldn't wait too long if
    she is in fact sick. They dehydrate so quickly. Is she
    drinking regularly? You may need to give her pedialyte if in
    fact you think she is dehydrated. Also how are her poops?
    Runny or solid? If runny, how long have they been this way.
    They can lose alot of fluids through their poops. A sign of
    dehydration also.

    Best of luck. Hope she gets better. Keep us posted.