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Re: Macaw throwing up

Posted by GreyLady on 1/28/09
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    Rick is right on with everything he said. One thing that might
    help you know whether she is vomiting or regurgitating, is how
    it happens. Since you have previous experience, you have
    probably seen regurgitating and know how to recognize it. But
    just in case, regurgitating is preceeded by a pumping motion of
    the head and neck, often turning the head from side to side,
    then partially digested food is brought up. Often it is
    promptly re-swallowed. On the other hand, with vomiting, there
    is often no fore warning. It just comes up and is often very
    liquid and will not be swallowed again. If it's regurg. and
    it's not happening a lot, it may be harmless. If it's
    vomiting, as Rick says, it can be very dangerous. The
    Pedialyte is a great idea and it doesn't matter if it's plain
    or fruit flavor. What ever you can get her to take. Also try
    juicy fruits. Anything to keep her hydrated. It may only be
    nerves but it could also be an illness. Since it sounds like
    you don't totally trust the person you got her from, don't
    discount that he may have some ill birds on his hands and
    wanted to get rid of one before symptoms started to show. I
    also strongly advise an emergency vet visit if it's not better
    by tomorrow. If it turns out she is ill, notify the vet of the
    person where you got her, notify the seller for sure.